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Teach you to make an economical and affordable whitening mask


Teach you to make an economical and affordable whitening mask

If you want to whiten, you must do your homework.

MM who likes to use whitening masks is always worried about what brand of whitening masks should be used, and the masks made of them.

In fact, if you know the DIY magic of homemade masks, you can try to make a whitening mask that is easy to use and economical.

Now, teach you to make four popular whitening masks. Are you ready?

Let’s learn together!


DIY Fresh Fruit Whitening Mask Efficacy: Whitening, hydrating, very suitable for summer use.

  Method: Add peeled lemon, apple, banana, longan and other fresh fruits to the juicer and squeeze into juice.

Take another raw egg, break it, drip the egg white, mix well, and mash it.

Apply evenly on the face and neck. After 20 minutes, wash with pure water.


DIY Honey Whitening Mask Efficacy: Multiply the surface, delicate white and tender Method: 2 spoons of wheat flour + 1 spoon of honey, stir into a paste, apply the surface.

After 20 minutes, wash with pure water. Then, massage the skin with an appropriate amount of honey and baby oil. After putting it in, the skin is white, tender and full of luster.


DIY Pearl Whitening Mask Effect: The whitening effect is significant, and it has a good nourishing effect on the skin.

  Method: Take 3 scoops of pearl powder, one grated vitamin E, and then use pure water to make a paste.

Apply on the face and wash it with pure water after 20 minutes.


DIY Egg Whitening Mask Efficacy: Particularly suitable for medium and dry skin, whitening and anti-wrinkle.

  Method: Cook the eggs, remove the yolks, mix with an appropriate amount of honey and refined flour, and an appropriate amount of purified water.

Apply on the face and wash it off after 20 minutes.

18 Methods of Enriching Qi and Reinforcing Health to Reduce Qiuzao and Anti-Fatigue

18 Methods of Enriching Qi and Reinforcing Health to Reduce Qiuzao and Anti-Fatigue

Autumn dryness is a disease that occurs when people feel dryness in the fall.

People in the fall are prone to fatigue, and more attention should be paid in daily life to alleviate the lack of autumn.

Experts tell you eighteen methods of health in autumn.

  Rub your face for a rosy complexion1.


Avoid overeating in the autumn, but also eat less spicy barbecue food.


Avoid anger.

Less tantrums can effectively relieve autumn fatigue.


Often combed.

Frequent combing of the hair can expand the subcutaneous capillaries, promote metabolism, and keep the mind clear and easy to remove fatigue.


Rub your face.

Rub your face with your hands or a dry towel to make your face ruddy.


Tongue licking.

Use your tongue to lick the upper palate of your teeth, which can axially refresh, energize, and nourish your heart.


Number of teeth 嗑.

Teeth are more active, and each other is choked to keep the teeth healthy and help eliminate fatigue.



Get out of the room and breathe fresh air. It can promote blood circulation and maintain good respiratory system function.


Pharyngeal saliva.

Pharyngeal saliva can promote digestion, open the chest to regulate qi, increase visceral trachea function, and prolong life.


目 转。 Project operation.

Often walking outdoors, looking into the distance, rubbing the eyes with eye exercises can refresh the mind and relieve fatigue.


Ears often pop.

Press and rub your ears or listen to music to activate the auditory nerves and relieve fatigue.


Back warm.

The temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn should be increased or decreased in time to prevent colds and protect the internal organs.


Chest protection.
Maintaining body temperature can enhance immunity.


Abdomen rubs.
Massaging the abdomen with the palm of your hand and rubbing it properly can help digestion, eliminate stasis and strengthen your qi.


Valley road drag.

Contraction and lifting of the anus can refresh your energy.


Limbs shake.

Shake your hands and kick your legs to increase vitality and eliminate fatigue.


Rubbing your heart.

Wash your feet and massage your feet every day, which can eliminate turbidity and collaterals, and eliminate fatigue and axial vomiting.


He murmured.

Hold your hands closed when you urinate and urinate.

  18 years old

Cleansing skin.

In autumn, you should rub your body with more hands, which can refresh one’s spirit, prolong life, and relieve fatigue.

These differences between men and women are the best way to live a hundred years.

These differences between men and women are the best way to live a hundred years.

According to the World Health Organization, the average life expectancy of men is 5-10 years shorter than that of women.

Although the mechanisms and risk factors that lead to differences in life expectancy between men and women are still unknown.

However, because of the different body structure and lifestyle, men and women are healthy, each has its own focus, and finding the right way to maintain health can make your health effect more effective.
Yang Yan is male, female is yin, and movement is yang, while static is yin. Therefore, men must rely on eating to maintain the energy of the movement to yang; while women must sleep to maintain a static state in order to maintain yin.

1 man relies on eating For men, eating is mainly reflected in the kidney essence, because the kidney is the main yang collection, the body’s yang injection, the kidney is the driving force of life activities.


Eat iron stick yam, both kidney yang and kidney yin, steam on the pot for about 20 minutes, eat half a day; 2.

Eat some vinegar soaked black beans.

Can make kidney and strengthen the kidney; 3.

After waking up in the morning, the head of the bullet can be used to replenish the kidneys, relieve fatigue, prevent dizziness, and implant tinnitus.

2 Women’s lack of sleep and sleep will make people tired, tempered, and not easy to maintain concentration and happiness.

Good sleep can not only raise your mood, but also raise your skin.

This is especially true for women.


Sleep 8 hours a day (preferably 10pm to 6am).


Rest for half an hour at noon during the day; 3.

Women can increase sleep time properly during menstruation because of excessive blood loss.

Fertility studies have found that women living in warm, sunny areas have longer lifespans; men living in cooler climates live longer.

1 man “cold” raise male steam sauna or hot water bath, the temperature is 37 ° C?
41 ° C is appropriate, each time 15?
20 minutes; “quit” long-term cycling or driving, love to wear tight jeans, long-term sitting in a loose sofa and other habits, have an impact on reproductive function.

2 women “hot” health before going to bed with hot water soaking feet, can relieve back pain, promote sleep; do warm water when doing housework, prevent arthritis and gynecological diseases; pay attention to add clothing at any time to protect the abdomen, eat less coldCold food, so as not to be damaged by menstruation, dysmenorrhea and so on.

Nutritional needs of both men and women are different.

The study found that women are most likely to lack calcium and iron, while men are prone to zinc deficiency.

1 male zinc supplement for men, zinc is essential, will affect the secretion of androgen.

In normal excretion, men lose more zinc per day than women.

Eating a small amount of pine nuts every day can supplement zinc and is good for brain and cardiovascular health.

2 Women with calcium supplementation will accelerate the loss of iron during menstruation; after menopause, the rate of bone loss will increase due to hormonal changes, so women need iron and calcium.

Drink 250 grams of pure milk a day, which is the ideal way to make calcium.

The filthy man has a bad mouth, the stomach is followed by an injury, and the woman scores, the men’s stomach ulcers, gastritis and other diseases have a higher incidence.

At the same time, the prevalence of female cognitive impairment is higher than that of men. A study in North America found that women with cognitive impairment had brain atrophy earlier than men.

Therefore, men should protect their stomachs more, and women should raise their brains.

1 male stomach to say goodbye to high-salt, high-oil diet; eat some pasta, millet porridge and bananas and other stomach foods; grab 5:00 in the morning?
7:00, 20:00 before going to bed?
21:00 two “golden voting” on the back of the bed.

2 female brains eat citrus fruits, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, have the effect of improving memory and preventing brain cell damage; interest, good attitude, etc. are the “necessities” for raising the brain, middle-aged and older women should pay more attention toDevelop hobbies, communicate with others, and integrate into society.

Yangshen 1 male and more men sit in middle age, all kinds of pressures are coming, often feel nervous or worried, and the body often feels tired, and various germs are also very easy to take advantage of.
If you can effectively eliminate tension and anxiety, it will be very uncomfortable to the body, and the “sit-in-the-heart method” is a good choice.

2 women with less gas female prone to abnormal hormone secretion, especially the imbalance of estrogen and progesterone levels in the menstrual cycle determines their delicate personality (“heart small”), distinctive personality (“temper”), this isThe consequences of a woman’s “qi”.

Everyone is born with anger, and people need to be angry when they want to live longer and healthier.


When you are angry, you can see the points inside the cave. The Neiguan point is the key point of the pericardium. It can stimulate the acupuncture point to play the role of Ning Xinshen, open the chest to relieve boredom, and dilute the air machine.

If you encounter something that doesn’t go well, you can express your emotions and needs in a different way, like chatting, talking, and self-deprecating.

Losing weight in exercise is one of the conditions for maintaining good health.

However, if you want to lose weight, you should also pay attention to the best extension time before and after exercise.

Men and women have different eating times due to different body mechanisms.

Women should exercise for a meal, while men should.

1 Male after eating, relatively speaking, men are stronger than women, more glucose is stored in the muscles, and exercise is more likely to consume metabolism in the body.

If the exercise advances the napkin, the meal can provide a large amount of glucose for consumption, and it is difficult to achieve the effect of burning adults.

2 women exercise advance meals women should exercise in advance meals, female body is more likely to burn aunt, storage warehouse.

Female gluteal parts have more fecal content and are better able to release fatty acids into the blood.

The difference in sex hormones is beneficial for women to store glucose and burn adults better.

For a man, losing a muscle loses the foundation of life.

The perfect combination of curves and softness makes women’s enviable body.

Therefore, men must practice strength, and women must practice flexibility.

1 male training strength middle-aged people can exercise on the upper arm, waist and abdomen, lower limb muscles, and focus on “breaking” the waist and abdomen.

Older people can do this by lifting the dumbbells to practice the upper limbs and practicing the lower limbs for a long time.

2 women practicing flexibility Although some people are inherently soft and not good, but the practice of the day after tomorrow is also very effective, it is not too late to be over 40 years old.

The simplest action is to sit cross-legged, you can exercise the leg, waist strength; often press the leg, but step by step, at first the leg can only be lifted onto the bench, gradually raised to the chair, the table; do yoga, bothCan practice flexibility, but also can calmly maintain health.

Note: The reference prescriptions involved in the text, prescriptions and other reference learning, can not be used as a prescription, do not blindly try, the platform does not bear any responsibility arising!

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Foods That Make Girls Beautiful


Foods That Make Girls Beautiful

It is the dream of every girl to be beautiful, and how to stay in the best time of youth is a girl’s life.

  How to become beautiful, “eating right” food is the most effective, it can make your beauty from the inside out.

how to eat?

What to eat


Tea: Slimming tea has been regarded as a health sacred product since ancient times.

Among them, catechin is a good antioxidant, has a healthy weight-loss effect, and can prevent colds, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and anti-cancer effects.

Bogey: Do not drink too much for beautiful women with poor stomachs or poor sleep.


Tofu: The beauty skin has high-quality and balanced plant-based protein, and contains soy isoflavones. It is the best natural female hormone. After eating, it makes the complexion look rosy and has good skin quality. Even the Empress Dowager Cixi also used it for beauty.

Eat 1-2 pieces daily.

Avoid: Reduce the consumption of gout.

  [皮蛋豆腐]  材料:盒装嫩豆腐1盒、皮蛋1个、柴鱼片适量、香油1匙、酱油膏3匙  作法:  1.Cut tofu in half and serve.


Preserved eggs are cut in half and placed on tofu.


Drizzle soy sauce, sesame oil, and sprinkle with sliced squid.


Deep-sea fish: Tight-skinned fish has high-quality protein and relatively low cholesterol. In addition, the fat of deep-sea fish is Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, which makes the skin firm and smooth. Consuming a moderate amount can reduce blood traces and increase low-density cholesterolGood plasma), and to prevent thrombosis, it is recommended to consume 1-2 times a week.

  [干煎鲑鱼]  材料:鲑鱼1片、盐、酒适量、油少量  作法:  1.First marinate the salmon with salt and wine for 10 minutes.


Dry the salted salmon with a paper towel.

Add some oil to the pot. After the oil is hot, fry the fish in the pot until it is slightly burnt, turn it over and cook it.


Kiwi: Whitening has a high unit of vitamin C, which can provide anti-oxidant effects, reduce blood lipids slenderly, and protect cardiovascular system. It also has whitening effect, which makes you look white and red with a good complexion; the leaves contained in itLutein can reduce cataracts and macular degeneration of the eyes.

Studies have shown that eating more kiwifruit has a laxative effect, and thinning and lowering the abdomen will be effective immediately.


Spinach: Enrich blood with antioxidant rich iron, can help beauty CoQ10, carotenoids, antioxidants and other nutrients, eat more to make your youth last longer, not to leave traces on your body.

  [清烫菠菜盅]  材料:菠菜1把、日式酱油适量、白芝麻适量、盐  作法:  1.Wash the spinach, cut into sections, add some salt when the water is boiling, and simmer in the pan.


Serve spinach in a “Tiansheng” manner.


Drizzle Japanese soy sauce and sprinkle white spinach on spinach.


Honey: Laxative laxative honey can help sleep, can promote blood vessels and heart function, protect the liver, increase diarrhea resistance, enhance immunity, and naturally have a good complexion; moderate consumption can intestinal laxative, improve constipation, makeYou are no longer a belly-bellied woman.
  [水果蜂蜜饮]  材料:2匙蜂蜜、盐少许、400C.

Fresh fruit juice, 100c.

c.Cup of warm water, the right amount of ice cubes: Put all ingredients into the juice machine to make juice.

8 abnormalities in the body indicate that you need to detox

8 abnormalities in the body indicate that you need to detox

If you have the following black problems in your life, be alert!

Explain that your body has exceeded the toxin level. Take measures quickly!

  If you defecate more than 3 days or more, you may have constipation.

According to the symptoms, constipation can be divided into two types: habitual constipation and occasional constipation.

The large intestine forms feces and controls defecation, which is one of the main channels for the human body to excessively excrete toxins.

  If the poison is stored in the body, it will affect the operation of the spleen and stomach, cause complications of the large intestine, and cause initial incompatibility and constipation.

  Long-term constipation, feces cannot be excreted in time, and a large amount of toxins will be accumulated. These toxins will be absorbed by the human body, and will cause secondary symptoms such as gastrointestinal upset, bad breath, stains, etc., resulting in weakened organ function and decreased resistance.

Getting started with yoga

Getting Started with Yoga

Q: Can yoga and sauna work together?

  A: Yes.

Yoga and sauna are generally considered to have a body-building effect. If you combine yoga and sauna, the effect is more perfect. This is high-temperature thermal yoga.

The high-temperature yoga training venue requires a certain high temperature-about 42 ° C. The purpose is to allow the internal tissues and lymph glands of the whole body to be stimulated at high temperatures, rebalance the body’s natural chemistry and hormone standards, so as to be able to adjustThe internal and external functions of the body are lacking in ordinary yoga.

Moreover, the arrangement of high-temperature yoga movements is basically fixed 26 movements, rather than the random combination of ordinary yoga movements.

Due to special requirements for trainers, high-temperature yoga requires people who are particularly weak or have low blood pressure to be suitable for rest during practice.

  Q: Can I practice yoga at home alone?

  A: Of course.

First of all, choose a thick and suitable cushion that can support your spine. It is not too soft or too hard.

It’s best to wear loose clothes and bare feet, and pay attention to removing watches, belts or other accessories.

Essentially, yoga is fasting, and it is best to do it three or four hours after a meal.

After the exercise, 30?
Eat after 40 minutes.

Finally, don’t force yourself when doing movements. Beginners’ muscles or ligaments often improve their flexibility and suppleness after a few weeks of regular practice.

Of course, finding some meditation music to complement the practice is also an alternative that cannot be ignored.

  Q: I am pregnant. Can I still practice yoga as usual?

  A: No.

Specific analysis.

First of all, women after menstruation and two months of pregnancy are not suitable for yoga practice.

However, if within two months of pregnancy, pregnant women can properly practice yoga, replacing weight gain and physical fitness, instead of adjusting the fetal position; In addition, pregnant women can start yoga practice after two months of childbirth and should not start too early.

Smoking addiction acupuncture can help

Smoking addiction acupuncture can help

Smoking is a bad health habit.

According to scientists’ determination, tobacco contains more than a hundred toxic compounds such as nicotine, tobacco tar, benzopyrene and carbon monoxide.

It is related to the onset of various diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, chronic bronchitis, emphysema in humans.

  Smoking is a bad health habit.
According to scientists’ determination, tobacco contains more than a hundred toxic compounds such as nicotine, tobacco tar, benzopyrene and carbon monoxide.

It is related to the onset of various diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, chronic bronchitis, emphysema in humans.

It can increase the incidence of a variety of malignant tumors. According to investigations, it is found that about 80% of those who died of lung cancer and were related to smoking, and antibiotics have become one of the number one killers of Chinese health.

Recent studies have shown that the hysteresis effect caused by smoking can only be fully realized in about 20 years. At present, some cases of hypertension death correspond to the smoking pattern of the 1970s. At that time, smoking was based on tickets and cigarette production was not high.It is estimated that lung cancer mortality from hypertension will rise in the next 20 years.

Severe deformities caused by smoking and exacerbation of some congenital diseases.

Therefore, smoking control is better than any single method of preventive medicine as a whole to improve health, prevent disease, and prolong life.

As early as 1980, the World Health Organization (W.


O) Launching a global smoking cessation campaign with the slogan “Should smoking or health be your choice?” And announced the annual World Quit Day.

Absolutely, countries have not adopted administrative measures to prohibit smoking in some public places, and international forms of smoking cessation have prevailed.

Such as hypnosis therapy, electric shock therapy, and so-called sensory deprivation therapy (that is, the smoker is turned off in a completely dark, silent, silent room to quit smoking) and so on.

But the effect is mostly only about 20%, which is quite unsatisfactory.

  The use of acupuncture to quit smoking can be described as a different force.

Acupuncture quitting smoking has not been recorded in ancient Chinese acupuncture classics. It is a development of modern acupuncture health care.

This method was originally proposed by foreign doctors in the 1950s.

But widespread implementation in the 1970s, including Japan, the United States, France, the former Soviet Union and other countries.

Because of its economical method, the effect is rapid and obvious, without any toxic and side effects, and it is more and more valued by medical workers in various countries and welcomed by smokers.

It has spread to many countries around the world.

Since the early 1980s, clinical reports on acupuncture and smoking cessation in developing countries have begun to increase rapidly.

And soon jumped to the top of the countries.

  Ear acupuncture is the most widely used method for acupuncture to quit smoking. In addition, body acupuncture, electroacupuncture, laser acupuncture, nasal acupuncture, and acupuncture pills are used.

Through the observation of tens of thousands of smoking cessation cases in various countries in the world, meanwhile, by using different acupoint stimulation methods, it is affected by various factors such as daily smoking volume and age of smokers, and many effective evaluation standards to improve the difference.Difference, but the total effective rate is generally 70%?
About 90%.

Some rules have been preliminarily summarized: the shorter the smoking age, the less daily smoking, and the active quitting smokers, the effect is generally better; while the long smoking age, large addiction and passive smoking cessation, the effectiveness is relatively reduced.

After acupuncture, a large number of patients reported that the smoke became bitter, fierce or light, with grassy smell; some felt that the throat was dry when they smoked, and they ignored swallowing the smoke; some even couldn’t finish a cigaretteThat is not willing to suck again.

However, there are also a few people who experience withdrawal symptoms such as temptation, salivation and nausea after the first acupuncture, but they can gradually disappear after continuing treatment.

  Acupuncture to quit smoking, is it mainly due to the role of psychological factors, or does it depend on the regulation of physiological function activities?

This scholar has done a lot of work both at home and abroad.

It has been basically confirmed that acupuncture smoking cessation has a material basis, and is not mainly dependent on psychological factors.

Of course, the psychological state of quitters also has an important impact on smoking cessation effects. From the clinical data, passive or forced quitters often cannot insist on quitting, and the long-term efficacy is also poor.

  Problems with acupuncture, such as the high recurrence rate of acupuncture to quit smoking, and its immediate effects are not stable enough.

  Acupuncture regulation of smoking cessation In the enthusiasm of various ways to quit smoking, “Your party sings me out”, acupuncture treatment is gradually approaching people, and acupuncture smoking cessation has attracted countless people’s attention.

What is the relationship between the two?

  Acupuncture and smoking cessation is a method of overall adjustment. It is to acupuncture related acupuncture points, adjust systemic symptoms, intervene at the same time in psychological and environmental aspects, and help smokers with reasonable and reasonable living habits.
At the same time, acupuncture does not just say goodbye to tobacco by simply getting tired of the smell of tobacco, it also relieves the combined symptoms of headaches, upsets, etc. that occur during smoking cessation.
  Acupuncture and smoking cessation generally use Wang Buliuxing to apply pressure to the ear points and cooperate with body needles, and treat about 2-3 times a week.

Chinese medicine believes that the ear is not simply an isolated auditory organ, but a small whole, which is equivalent to a miniature of the human body. All parts of the body are closely connected to the auricle through the meridians.

In addition, the distribution of nerves in the entire ear is relatively rich, thereby regulating the role of the whole body by gently and lastingly stimulating some parts of the ear corresponding to the human body.

  Usually, the doctor will select the acupoints corresponding to the lungs, mouth, stomach, and spleen of the human body. They will stick to the traditional Chinese medicine without sticking. They will be fixed with adhesive tape. They will be eaten with thumbs until they are acidic, numb, swollen or painful.
Stay in the ear for about 3 days in summer, and stay in the ear for 5-7 days in winter. If there is a replacement, you can go to the hospital for replacement at any time.

After pressing the ear points, it can also be combined with body acupuncture to enhance the efficacy. According to different physical conditions and conditions, acupuncture points for quitting smoking and Hegu, Shenmen, Zusanli and other points.

If possible, add the Chinese herbal decoction for tea instead.

How high is your index of love at first sight?

How high is your index of love at first sight?

If you receive the Mo_Ming’s wonderful E_mail love letter, without signature, and without the recipient, with beautiful words and rich emotions, which will make you very emotional, what will you do?


Waiting silently for the next B.

Reply to ask C.

Reply to the letter D in the announcement.

Leave it alone and return directly to A.

You are a little passive, afraid of being rejected, and would rather sit and wait, than you can bring up the courage to express your heart.

If the other party does not respond, you will not dare to take the initiative, and you always have “get it, I am lucky; no, I am dead.

The destiny concept, opened the opportunity to let go.


You’re reserved for love at first sight, but you won’t shut the door.

I hope I can proceed step by step and carefully explore the way forward to avoid hurting myself.


On the road to feelings, you are very ambitious, able to be proactive and bold in courtship.

Although not every time you fall in love at first sight, you can win the battle. At least the determination and courage to go out into the love battlefield has made the other party dare not to ignore your existence.


You are always careful about people from unknown sources, and you don’t want anyone to enter your world.

You built the wall so high that only people who play according to your game rules will have the opportunity to break into your solid atrium, so falling in love at first sight is an impossible task for you.

Let ‘s have a popular lesson on beauty tips_1

Let ‘s have a popular lesson on beauty tips

Everyone knows beauty secrets, but if you think about it yourself, how many practical beauty secrets do you know?

Today, take a popular class on beauty tips.

You will find that there is so much beauty-related knowledge in your original life.

  The 6 points of front-end acne care are clear in summer. The back-end acne discounts the beauty of the suspender skirt. Come and do care for the back. You only need to spend 20 minutes every weekend to get it done.

  First of all, use a pH-neutral cleansing soap when taking a bath to make residues after washing.

  Secondly, it is necessary to use less bath towels to penetrate through the front, and choose multiple soft exfoliating products, so as not to scrub and break the acne and leave spots.

  Third, after bathing, it is recommended to mix the base oil with the substitute tea tree oil and apply it on the area with acne on the tail.

  Fourth, after soaking the bath towel with hot water, do a hot compress on the back to promote better absorption of essential oils.

  Fifth, apply a contraction lotion to the buttocks.

Sixth, in addition to a light diet, take more lactic acid bacteria drinks and foods that help dialysis and peristalsis.

  The hot sun of DIY Chinese medicine whitening mask makes the skin full of anger, and the melanin is particularly active. It is necessary to whiten and reduce the fire of the skin. Try DIY Chinese medicine whitening mask.

  First prepare the ingredients: pearl powder, Poria, Bai Zhi, Bai Zhi, Coix seed.

  1. Grind into powder at the ratio of 1: 3: 3: 3: 6 when grabbing in the drug store.

  2. Use thicker yogurt to mix the powder evenly.

  3. When applying the mask, avoid the eyes and lips, just a thin layer, 5?
Wash it with water when it is dry for about 10 minutes.

  4. To remind you, before applying the mask, you need to press on your arm to test whether you are allergic, about 5?
10 minutes, if there is no allergic symptoms such as redness and swelling, apply the face.

  The cold treatment in the bathroom is here in the summer, so use the daily bath time to make cold treatments for the skin.

Give your body a “cold drink” after a hot bath every day.

Use cold water to stimulate the ends of the hands, feet, etc., and stick to a summer, not only can shrink pores, promote blood circulation, but also improve the physical fitness of cold MM.

Winter becomes less afraid of cold, and the skin is healthier, and the rosy complexion will secretly climb up your cheek.

  On vacation, a lipstick is used for business trips and vacations. A lot of make-up products need to be worn: blush, lipstick, eye shadow . I really want to make the cosmetic bag shrink and shrink!

It’s actually very simple, just choose a suitable lipstick, blush, lip makeup, eye makeup together!

  First, choose the right color, skin tone or pale pink lipstick.

In addition to embellishing the lip color, you can also consider blush: first dipped the lipstick with your fingertips, before touching the face, lighten the color on the back of the hand, and pat it, let the color cover the cheeks, and faint naturallyeffect.

In addition, lipstick can also be used as an eye shadow: after dipping a suitable amount, first lighten the color on the back of the hand, and then use the eye shadow on the upper eyelids, eyes and ends of the eyes, very natural and moisturizing.

It is important to note that lipsticks are best matte and should not contain too much oil.

  No one can see me wearing makeup!

  On hot summer days, cool nude makeup is the most deceptive. With a little care, you can draw light makeup without traces and naturally unpretentious.


Create a light and dreamy base makeup Step 1 Starting from under the eyes, on both sides of the nose, lightly open the foundation and extend it to the toes and neck.

  Step 2 Forehead, push the T-shaped part from the inside out, and the amount of liquid foundation must be less.


Retouch dull race Choose concealer products that are lighter than race, naturally brighten the dullness of the eye area without covering it completely.


Beige pearly eyeshadow brightens the upper eyelids in a small number of times, using the fingers to slowly overlap the eye sockets.

Liquid eyeliner is aligned in sections to gently pull the eyelids close to the roots of the eyelashes, one segment at a time, and the inner eyeliner will sink.

  5, light pink blush to create a good complexion Brush the light pink blush lightly on the outer edge of the smile muscle, and naturally bleed a good red complexion.

  Strengthen your knees!

  Learn some simple yoga movements to make the gravity above.

  Step 1 Put your hands together, put a little force on the chest and push each other slightly, open your elbows, make your hands straight, and let the side feel useful force.

Be careful not to hump, shrug your shoulders, keep your shoulders flat, take a deep breath, and stick to 15?
20 seconds.

  Step 2 Keep the palms pushing each other, pull up and extend, and move your elbows inward, so that your chest feels tightly clamped, take a deep breath, and stick to it for 15?
20 seconds.

  Step 3 After the top of the body is slightly sour, straighten your hands forward, and slowly press the palms in the opposite direction to maintain the mutual push force. Feel that your fingertips extend forward, take a deep breath, and stick to 15?
20 seconds.

  Finally, with both hands gently retracted, maintaining 3?
5 deep breaths.

  Do n’t drink tea and coffee when “good friends” come, it ‘s best not to drink tea and coffee when “good friends” come, because the caffeine content in both types of drinks is high, it is easy to stimulate nerves and cardiovascular, leading to menstrual periodIncreased metabolism causes dysmenorrhea, excessive menstrual blood, and even long periods.

So the best drink when “good friend” comes is hot boiled water. Of course, you can also add brown sugar and ginger tablets in it to help blood circulation and cold, relieve dysmenorrhea, let “good friend” come quickly and comfortablyAway.

  No hands in 3 minutes!

  Don’t want your hands to easily exceed your age, hand care is essential.

Three minutes a week, my fingers are raised!

  Step 1 Soak your hands in warm water for about 10 minutes.

  Step 2 Use facial or body exfoliating products, dipped in some water, and gently rub the wrists, knuckles, and hands to remove old dead horny.

  Step 3 Spray with a moisturizing spray after washing, soothes, moisturizes and softens the horny skin.

  Step 4 After the water is completely absorbed, massage your hands with body milk or hand cream.

The skin on the back of the hand is stroked back and forth with the thumb of the other hand, and the knuckles need to be pressed harder. Press the massage, and then use special nutrient oil to densely moisturize the most easily dry finger edges and knuckles.

  The 1 + 1 rule of liquid foundation has now reached the multi-faceted era of foundation makeup, and in addition to liquid foundation, there is also decorative base milk.

How to save time and efficiently complete the primer work? The 1 + 1 rule will help you. You can blend the base cream (such as pearl, purple, beige, white) and liquid foundation, and 1 + 1 becomes the new base makeup.

For example, mix the pearly base cream with 1: 2 (base cream: foundation) and mix the foundation on the back of the hand, so that the foundation will have a little gloss.

However, to remind MMs, after the liquid foundation is replaced, the color will also decrease by one color number.

If you don’t want the foundation to be too light, you can adjust the proportion of the foundation cream and liquid foundation.

  3 Principles of Cleansing Oil Cleansing oil is a good makeup remover, but you must thoroughly implement the 3 principles of “complete emulsification, rinse with plenty of water and wash your face again”.

“Complete emulsification” is related to whether the emulsifier of the product itself is sufficient, and whether your emulsification action is complete.

The correct method should be: use oil to dissolve the makeup and then dip it in water to massage the white emulsified liquid, and then wash with plenty of water.

Most people often omit the emulsification process with water massage and only flush the water directly. This incomplete emulsification will leave oil in the pores and cause acne.

It is also reminded that no matter what kind of skin you have, you should use a mild facial cleanser to wash away residual oil after using makeup remover.

There are tricks for mothers

There are tricks for mothers

Does your baby sleep soundly during the day and play well at night?
If your baby has the potential to be a night cat, the mother must not condone it!
  1、日间多玩多闹,夜间少光少吵  白天可以多与宝宝玩乐,带给宝宝更多的刺激,带宝宝去阳光充沛,欢乐的公园、游乐场等,使宝宝心情舒畅,不易入睡.
And at night, try to dim the light and the environment is quiet to make it comfortable and sleepy.
  Before going to bed, pay attention to calm the baby, watch exciting TV, talk about esoteric topics, listen to exciting music, and even take a hot bath will stimulate the baby’s nerves and make the baby 100 times more spiritual.
0 before the baby falls asleep
5 to 1 hour, the baby should be quiet, do not get too excited before going to bed, not to tease the baby too much.
This will prevent your baby from falling asleep because of too much excitement and tension.
Do n’t watch exciting TV shows, do n’t tell nervous stories, and do n’t play with new toys.
A pleasant sleeping environment is good for babies.
  2、睡前准备活动  睡前要把音量与灯光调暗,可以给宝宝听轻音乐,有轻快节奏的声音能够平静宝宝的心绪,对于新生儿来说,如果在胎儿时期有常听的音乐,这个Listening to the baby at the same time can also calm down the baby.
Clothing, quilts should be light, soft and dry to avoid overheating and cooling.
Let your baby urinate before going to bed.
  Too hot, too cold, not changing diapers in time, or clothes that are too tight, and the quilt is too thick, making the baby feel uncomfortable.
  3. Calcium deficiency can also cause your baby to sleep upset. Calcium deficiency can also make it difficult for the baby to fall asleep or wake up easily after falling asleep.
Decreased blood calcium causes the brain and vegetative nerve excitability to increase and cause the baby to sleep uneasily at night. It needs to be supplemented with calcium and vitamin D. If there is a lack of calcium, the baby’s halogen door will not close properly; if zinc is lacking, the corners of the mouth will usually ulcerate.
  4. There are tapeworms outside the anus that disturb the worms and parasite in the human intestine, and like to crawl out to lay eggs around the anus at night.
If you find that you haven’t found the cause of your baby’s poor sleep despite all external factors, you can check to see if there are white granular worm eggs around your baby’s anus.
  5. Indigestion and overeating. It is best to follow the principle of “good breakfast, full lunch, and less dinner” for human meals. Baby food is no exception.
Accumulation of food, indigestion, getting angry or eating too much at night can also cause restless sleep.
It is recommended to feed porridge, noodles and other solid foods at least two or three hours before bedtime, and drink a little milk before bedtime.
  6. What should I do if the baby wakes up and never sleeps again?
  When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night and never falls asleep, you should not accompany him or take him to play.
When facing this situation, parents should be calm and silent, and do not turn on the lights to see the baby.
Let your baby know that it is night and mom and dad are sleeping. This is the time to sleep, not the time to play.
Stay with your baby for a while until he calms down, but try not to talk to him and dimming the lights.
It may take you a few nights or even weeks to get your baby back to normal sleep, but the more you continue to adhere to your baby’s regular sleeping habits, the sooner you can help your baby solve their sleep problems.