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[What is the practice of fresh pine mushroom soup?

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Pine mushroom soup This soup is made from pine mushroom as the main raw material. It has a very delicious taste at the root and contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, or proteins and other trace elements, which can effectively improveHuman body immunity, strengthening human body constitution, clearing heat and removing fire, etc.

Fresh pine mushroom soup is very popular, and there are many ways to do it. Let’s introduce what is the practice of fresh pine mushroom soup.

Method 1: Tomato Fresh Mushroom Ribs Soup 1.

Pork ribs are well processed 2.

Ready for raw material 3.

Soak the pork ribs in clean water to remove excess blood. Wash the pork ribs and boil the water in cold water. Remove and remove the blood foam 4.

Tomato sauce boiling water 5.

Scorched, then peeled. For good looks, I removed the tomato peel. If you are afraid of trouble, you don’t need to peel 6.

Diced 7.

Put the ribs back into the soup pot, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, add ginger slices, cooking wine, and simmer until the ribs are cooked, about 1 hour. When the ribs are cooked, add tomato 8.

Add crab flavor mushroom 9.

Ketchup, salt 10.

Then simmer until the tomatoes are soft and rotten, and you can turn off the heat and formulate the second formula: assorted pork ribs in a pot 1.

Wash the ribs and put them in a bowl, add salt, pepper, shallot and ginger slices; 2.

Add the appropriate amount of soy sauce and cooking wine, and marinate for 15 minutes; 3.

3. Cut the chicken leg mushroom and Pleurotus eryngii into small pieces, and make cross flower on the mushroom; 4.

4. Add an appropriate amount of oil to the pan and heat it. After the oil is heated, put it in the ribs and fry slightly; 5.

5. Fry until the ribs are golden on the surface after five minutes. Then prepare the mushrooms and fry them together. 6.

5. When the oil bubbles in the pan gradually become smaller, fry them with the prepared carrot flowers; 7.

Pick up all the materials after one or two minutes to control the oil; 8.

Put a small amount of oil in the pot, add cinnamon, star anise and other ingredients together and stir fry; 9.

Add scallion to the bottom after frying; 10.

Add the sliced bamboo shoots and spread below; 11.

Add the fried mushrooms and pork ribs just before; 12.

13. Add three spoons of cooking wine, three spoons of raw soy sauce, one spoon of sugar, one spoon of oil, one small spoon of salt and pepper into the soup that has been soaked in ribs;

Pour the prepared juice into the pot; 14.

Cover the lid, cook over high heat, and turn off low heat for five minutes; 15.

16. Pour a small bowl of cooking wine inside the lid and simmer for another two minutes; 16.

The delicious and nutritious assorted pork ribs are just fine.