[8 month old baby recipe]_Newborn_Toddler

[8 month old baby recipe]_Newborn_Toddler

Eating and sleeping are normal physiological needs of the human body, and we often need to obtain beneficial nutrients from the food to enhance resistance and benefit the body’s development.

For newly born babies, parents need to pay close attention to their children’s diet and choose the most suitable food for their children. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some infant’s monthly baby recipes.

Black Month Baby Recipes 8 Months Baby Complementary Foods, edible chopped vegetables, egg yolks, porridge, noodles, fish, minced meat, etc.

The nature of complementary food should also be soft, semi-solid.

The variety of vegetables for your baby should be diverse, such as carrots, tomatoes, onions, etc. For constipated babies, spinach, cabbage, radish, shallots and other fiber-rich foods can be selected.

1, beef oatmeal ingredients: 30 grams of ground beef, 20 grams of oats, water.

Method: Soak the oats and wash them.

Cook oats into oatmeal.

Add ground beef to oatmeal and cook together.

Put the cooked oatmeal and beef porridge in a blender, make a paste, and put it in your baby with a spoon.

2, chicken and vegetables porridge ingredients: rice amount, chicken legs, fungus (water hair) amount, pakchoi amount, sesame oil amount.

Method: Wash the chicken legs, remove the bones, cut into small cubes, boil water in the pot, lower the chicken thighs and simmer the bleeding foam, drain off the dirty water, and clean the chicken thighs.

After washing the fungus hair, shred it.

The green leaf is shredded by hand.

After the rice is washed, put the diced chicken leg, fungus and rice into a pressure cooker, pour an appropriate amount of water, cover the lid, and heat to a high pressure and turn to low heat for 10 minutes.

After turning off the pressure cooker and venting the pressure cooker, open the lid, turn on the heat, add the green leaves and stir well, and heat for 30 seconds.

Serve the porridge and serve it warm.

The baby needs to add some nutrition for 8 months. The baby will drool when he sees the adult eating, and will wave to indicate that he wants to take it, or cry when the adult eats, and also want to taste it.Important period.


Amplitude: If the baby’s weight is greatly increased during this period, 80% of the baby’s intake is too much conversion. If the baby is very thin or develops slowly, it may be insufficient.

Most of the traces your baby needs are taken from breast milk or milk powder, and then gradually converted to solid food.


Protein: Meat, chicken, fish, and tofu all contain high-quality protein. You can feed these into the food that your baby can eat, but not too much at one time.


Cereals and other carbohydrates: Give your baby 2 a day?
4 spoons of cereals can provide your baby with basic vitamins, minerals and protein.

Cereals include whole grain cereal, rice flakes, porridge or noodles.


Moisture: Don’t reduce the baby’s transfer of moisture due to the decreasing amount of breast milk or milk powder, especially in summer, you should feed more water or substitute fruit juice.


Iron: Since the iron stored by your baby is about to decrease during this period, you need to add iron-containing food in time.